Monday, February 28, 2011

Shaking off winter & expecting Spring

The weather man says that we should look forward to warm temps because it will finally feel like Spring outside. Over the weekend I spent too much of my time updating people on Facebook about the snow storm and road conditions. Which was the main reason why I chose to stay local and not travel. But I couldn't help it, I was worried about everyone making their way back home from the 3A State High School Basketball games. We tried to enjoy the excitement of the games over the KTNN online broadcast but it was not the same as sitting courtside. Atleast my tummy was spared from all the high priced concession food and was blessed with slow roasted home cooking. So all in all it was a good choice. Our bank account was not depleted & our kids were fed healthy.

Today I swept up the clumps of mud and dust that remained of the last winter moisture. Even got a bucket of soap & water to scrub my two front doors. (yes, we have two front As I look outside, not a cloud in sight to block that beaming sun. Yup, it sure is looking like Spring weather man.