Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking to the East

So this is how 2013 feels. Brand new year. I do feel a change in the air...a good change. From the stroke of midnight, as the world was counting down to the new year, my children and I were running in the snow & ice to the East. We were racing each other with laughter and play. It was amazing. There were fireworks exploding all around from the neighbors but yet it was so still. The moonlight had cast a light blue light all around so it was not very dark. I was in complete amazement and awe. I wanted to take in the entire experience because I knew there would not be another time like the present.

Our son is a Senior in high school. He has been so busy with school and sports for four years of high school. Now he has applications for colleges and scholarships added to the mix. I try to help as much as possible but the main effort comes from him. I tell him not to worry because all the applications and deadlines are popping up daily. I want him to be optimistic and excited because this process can be overwhelming.

So we decided to make the long drive to Flagstaff to take part in a scholarship workshop. It was nice for our son to experience the preparation of college with others his age. They were able to introduce themselves and talk about their lives. There were so many different stories from such a young group of students. But despite all their hardship and struggle, they were all there to get help with getting into college. They were all there to take on the next!

Coming out of that workshop gave a different perspective to our son. He already had his own interests in mind before he walked into that classroom but when he walked out, he had a lightness in his step, he had confidence in his smile and he had more ideas racing in his mind. I am so glad that my sister heard about this event @

He has local support at home, in school and within his community. But it is always refreshing to get support from a new voice. When he goes to college he will need to learn how to ask for help from new faces. 

As a parent, I want to do everything for my children. But I would not be doing what is best for my son if I stood in front of him, shielding him from his own life experiences. He has to have his own experiences. He needs to take the lead in his own life. I tell him that he needs to work that muscle in his brain. Just like in sports, he needs to practice and get stronger.

So I look to the East more and more. I pray to the East for strength, protection, guidance and forgiveness. This new year is bringing out a new excitement. The excitement of our son growing up, planning his future and receiving greatness. 

We had to wake up early and get back on the long road home because our son had to be back at school. He was able to get some extra snooze time in the back seat while I drove home. Usually I have him sit up front with me and keep me alert. But this morning, I enjoyed the sunrise with my coffee.